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October 23, 2012


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Daniel Kingsley

Great post and a great video. What is interesting (and comes out of the video) is that although the power poses "artificially" increase our confidence, we end up being more ourselves.

(And, of course, who is to say that our learned contracted body language is any more "authentic" than the power poses).

Craig Hadden - remotepossibilities.wordpress.com

Thanks Kathy, I love that video!

If you're interested to see the research paper on which it's based, there's a link to it on my blog:

Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Julianne and Matt,

Thanks for stopping by!

Non-verbals are such an important part of communicating your message to your audience. Our content can be fabulous but if we are projecting frustration or boredom or a lack of confidence, that's going to significantly impact how our audience receives that fabulous content. And I agree, Julianne...it's amazing how many people don't get that!

Matt, I'm a firm believer of rehearsing in as near to "real" conditions as possible...out loud, using all props and tools (like our slides), standing up and using the gestures we plan to use in front of the audience. Then all this becomes internalized and when we're giving the presentation for real, we don't have to focus on these things but are free to put all our focus on the audience.


Matt T

I really like the idea of getting into state before your presentation by using a power pose as you describe above. Quick access to massive confidence! Thanks for the insightful article :)

Julianne Kissack

It seems every post I have come across in the last little while has been about stage presence and making sure your non verbal cues are solid. I like your use of the phrase power poses and the wonder women pic made me smile.

But its amazing how many people don't even realize that their body and movements are also controlling the the crowds view of the topic.

Great post!

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