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March 01, 2012


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Sam Jephson

Meetings and presentations go hand in hand. It’s important to be prepared whenever you’ll go to a meeting. For the presentation, it’s important to have necessary tools that can help you present better, such as digital whiteboards. Interactivity works well if the meeting has a lot of people. If you’re stuck with the old laser pointer and projector, a little showmanship can go a long way.

Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Interview Preparation,

Excellent point. Getting participants involved in reiterating the mission or articulating what was agreed on gives them more ownership and engagement.

Thanks for the contribution.


interview preparation

Summarize agreements reached and end the meeting on a unifying or positive note. For example, have members volunteer thoughts of things they feel have been good or successful or reiterate the organization's mission

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Very interesting and funny pic indeed. Thanks for this post.

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