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November 03, 2010


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Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your comment.

I agree that handouts CAN make you and your message easier to remember. But I doubt that the typical handout of the PowerPoint deck in tiny print does that!

I think a memorable handout needs to follow the same rules as a memorable presentation: designed to provide me what I need (relevant); engaging (attractive format); and easy to understand and use.


Joel Heffner

When I deliver a presentation about handouts I always point out that as one is speaking...the audience is forgetting. Handouts help you be more remember-able.

Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for stopping by.

I like your visual image of a worthwhile handout being one that will be pinned to a bulletin board. Our challenge is to make our handouts so good that most everyone will want to pin them up!


Brandon Cox

I think of a good handout as what my daughter gets at Sunday School - "take home papers." Giving a handout is my way of giving the audience members something to take away. Most will be thrown away, but now and then one might be pinned to a bulletin board.

Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your great comment.

It's a perspective I hadn't thought of but you are SO right!


Richard Glover

Great post, Kathy.

I think that the best use for presentation handouts is not to give the audience a substitute for notes, but rather to give them something that they can use to increase their engagement in the presentation.

Handing something out is an opportunity for distraction, so I think it's really important to be very careful about making sure that what you give your audience gets them more involved, rather than contributing to their distraction from your message.


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