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July 15, 2010


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Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Pawel,

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I agree it's almost impossible to be prepared for every single thing that might not go as planned. I might, however, take a slightly different twist on your statement "...something will DEFINITELY go wrong..." I'm not sure I'd coach speakers to believe that something always goes wrong. Rather, I'd say if they're prepared enough and recognize there are things over which they have no control, then they can enter that mindset you speak of...where they can be more relaxed and more likely to handle whatever challenge comes along, with grace and style.



"...stage fright comes from the belief that you should be perfect, " - that's exactly it. If you try to predict the unpredictable and be prepared for every potential thing that may go wrong, most likely you will fail.
If on the other hand you realize that something will DEFINITELY go wrong, you will enter a mindset whereby you won't care that much. And since it's easier to react to unpredictable when you are relaxed you will have a greater chance to win the talk over even if your slides fail for instance (happened to me once)

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