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May 12, 2010


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Kathy Reiffenstein


Thanks for your comment and for introducing me to your work.

You are so right about the challenges with visual consistency...I find that's a challenge even with one person let alone a group!!


Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi 7MinuteStar,

Thanks for stopping by. What a fabulous idea you had re the short play as a way of integrating all the speakers. I love it! And I agree with you...I think it would have been very successful, given some good preparation and rehearsal (which should happen anyway!!).

It's sad to see so many business people so averse to taking a well-calculated risk. Or maybe they just don't want to stand out from the crowd??? Unfortunately it's the audience who ultimately suffers.


Name Lisa B. Marshall

I wrote about co-presenting in two recent episodes/articles. http://publicspeaker.quickanddirtytips.com

I forgot to mention the visual consistency in my articles! That seems to be a problem particularly with student team presentations.


Totally agree with all points. Once a presenting group I know made up of three different companies who pitched together for a common budget faced a challenge: how to be perceived as a team. One speaker? No go. Three different speakers presenting their corresponding parts? No team spirit palpable. A mix of speaking blocks? Too chaotic. I suggested to write a short play integrating all three of them and reflecting the way from zero to that pitch in a dialogue-driven style. It would have been just wonderful, but they didn't dare to do it in the end. Too risky they said. I say with a good, professional preparation they would have outpaced the competition by far. Well, some food for thought...

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