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October 07, 2009


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Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Vivek,

Great point...and a great addition to the tips in the post! I really love the power of questions to engage an audience. Even if everyone isn't actively answering your questions, they are, at some level, still engaged.

I also am a big fan of rhetorical questions, where you're not even expecting a verbal answer. But because of the way our brains work, when we hear a question, we automatically start processing the answer, even if silently.


Vivek Singh

One technique which I have found useful is to make your audience engage. The more complex your content, the more engagement you need.

One way to engage is to ask them questions, make them answer and then explain whats the right answer.

Another way is to make them write down on a piece of paper. Then share with them your analysis, etc.

This engagement does two things:

Heightens the audience attention levels, and enhance absorption. Once they have committed to an answer or tried solving it on paper, they are hungry for the correct answer.

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