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September 16, 2009


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Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comment. You make some great points.

It seems a bit of a trade-off, doesn't it, between taking the chance that feedback will be delivered poorly (and I think you're quite right that lots of people just don't know or care how to provide feedback constructively) and continuing to 'reward' bad presentations.

I'm formulating a list of "Audience Responsibilities" for my next post. Maybe one of them is to learn how to provide feedback that is appropriately constructive!



Hi Kathy

I really do agree, though I suppose it would be asking the audience to break the implicit social contract that "everyone is nice". Social, implicit constraints are powerful!

If I thought people would provide constructive honest feedback then I might be more in favour; sometimes people don't really think too hard about how they phrase their feedback (anonymity perhaps doesn't help this any); what to the giver-of-feedback can seem perfectly fair and honest might be perceived by the presenter as absolutely devastating!

But I do like the idea that we call BS on the whole "being nice" thing, because all it does is tacitly condone poor presentation skills and reinforce the idea that someone else's presentation is somewhere you go to have the pants bored off you.

Thought-provoking, ta!

- Chris

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