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September 23, 2009


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Kathy Reiffenstein


You're so right. I hadn't thought of that perspective. Thanks for adding that point.


Vivek Singh

Hi Kathy

One small clarification.

What I meant by 'getting up and leave' was 'do not come and attend the presentation in the first place'.

In corporate life I have seen so many people who come and attend presentations they are not required to. They just come by to see what's going on in the boardroom. These people should either get serious or stop coming.

Kathy Reiffenstein

Hi Vivek,

Thanks for your comment! I generally think it’s the presenter’s responsibility to be good enough to keep the audience interested and engaged. However, audiences don’t realize what they miss by not taking some responsibility themselves.

Since they’re already sitting there (and possibly don’t have the option or freedom to get up and leave), why not engage to get the most out of the presentation they can. Seems like that’s a win/win for everyone! And then there’s just common courtesy…!

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Vivek Singh

I really like your post Kathy.

You have raised a topic which none talk about. We all keep saying presenters should make eye contacts, engage audience, etc etc. But what about the audience?

I have seen so many people who keep their phone on when the presenter is presenting, they cross talk, send SMS-es and what not.

We ask presenters NOT to waste audiences' time. We should now start asking the audience not to waste presenters time by doing something else during the presentation. If you are not interested, you can always get up and leave.

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