May 28, 2009


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Private operating foundation

Hello.This article was really fascinating, especially because I was browsing for thoughts on this issue last week..... i really enjoy your blog

Julie Spokus

As someone who posted to Twitter during most of the sessions I attended during ASTD ICE, I was totally engaged during each session. I would even say I was more engaged because I was listening very intently for interesting points, those A-HA moments, and good information to share with those who follow me on Twitter.

It is a pretty strong, yet unproven, statement to say that my or anyone’s participation doesn’t benefit from Twitter. In fact, if I entered a session and I was told that I couldn’t Twitter, I wouldn’t stay in that session. Does that help the exchanging of ideas?

I have gone over the information learned from my ASTD ICE sessions more times than I would have if I had just taken notes or just exchanged ideas with those in the session with me. In the past, the notes are left in the notebook to be re-read at later time that never seems to come. The idea exchange between me and the other participants ends when we leave the room. This time, I am still talking about the information and ideas exchanged during those sessions because I am responding to tweets and re-tweets about the information/ideas I tweeted. Now that is an exchange of ideas!

Doug Caldwell

And Kathy is one to walk the talk on this subject; being a 'twitter tracker' at my ASTD Conference session. She provided energy and enthusiasm to help take the first steps to 'tweet the meet' and put Twitter on the BIG screen. Details on my blog @ http://bit.ly/1K5o3s. TKS Kathy you were a super trouper.

Art Johnson

As a speaker, I promise my audience to be totally engaged in delivering the message that they came to hear. The always have plenty of opportunities to particpate, and I won't twitter while I speak.

In turn, I'll ask the audience to be totally engaged in recieving the message that they came to hear. I'll expect that they won't twitter while we are exchanging ideas. After all, we're there together. Their particpation doesn't benefit from twitter. All they need to do is speak up. I can see a potential benefit for a remote audience as a Q&A tool.

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